Membership helps support all that we do

Members of Save Venice join an international community of supporters with a shared love of Venice, and directly impact the preservation of the city’s irreplaceable art and architecture.

In New York, Boston, and elsewhere stateside, our year-round Education and Enrichment Series features lectures, private tours, tastings, and more, focused on Venice, her culture, and Save Venice restorations. In Venice, the Rosand Library & Study Center hosts a series of Research and Restoration Roundtables, which serve as international forums for conservators, art historians, students, locals, and visitors to learn more about our projects and research findings. Our biennial four-day gala in Venice is the best way to see our restorations firsthand and partake in spectacular celebrations with fellow Venetianists.

Benefits at the Supporter level and above are applicable to two people.


(fully tax deductible)


($235 is tax deductible)


($450 is tax deductible)


($850 is tax deductible, $880 for renewing Fellows)


($2,300 is tax deductible, $2,350 for renewing Conservators)


($4,800 is tax deductible, $4,850 for renewing Sustainers)

Council of Ten

($9,350 is tax deductible, $9,650 for renewing Council of Ten members)