Fulfilling Our Educational Mission

Save Venice takes great pride in its educational mission, understanding that Venice’s survival lies in future generations of students, art lovers, historians, travelers, and of course, restorers themselves, as well as in the public’s recognition and appreciation of Venetian art and architecture. The largest part of Save Venice’s educational mission is the dedication to producing publications that enhance our understanding of Venice’s artistic heritage and the intricacies of restorations.

By introducing Save Venice publications to libraries and universities, and by restoring artworks that are at times destined for exhibitions outside of Venice, Save Venice has contributed to the study and understanding not only of restoration techniques, but to the overall understanding of the artworks themselves.

Scholarly Articles

In conjunction with its Venice Galas, Save Venice publishes articles, written for the most part by members of Save Venice’s Projects Committee, . . .

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Save Venice Books

Over the years, Save Venice has published books on various topics relating to our restoration work in Venice. Currently there are three titles available.

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Save Venice publishes an annual newsletter, which updates supporters on the status of current and completed projects with articles and images.

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Treasure Hunts

Save Venice has a long tradition of creating treasure hunts for our biennial Galas in Venice that are now offered for visitors’ continued enjoyment.

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