California Chapter

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Save Venice is proud to have active Chapters in California and Boston that take part in the mission of Save Venice Inc. and also host a series of activities and events in their local areas. Each Chapter raises funds for its own restoration projects in Venice. Both Chapters are entirely volunteer-based.

The California Chapter of Save Venice was formed in January 2000 to offer West Coast supporters a more active role in Save Venice Inc. The Chapter was formed under the leadership of Terry Stanfill, who served as Chairman of the Venice Committee for Los Angeles of the International Fund for Monuments from 1967 to 1977, and who has been a Save Venice Board member since 1979.

The Chapter has organized many successful events, and has raised money to underwrite major restorations in Venice, including Paolo Veronese’s painting of Vashti Banished from the church of San Sebastiano,  the Lando Chapel in San Pietro di Castello; the sixteenth-century Monumental Arch in the public gardens of Castello; the outdoor relief of the Madonna and Child with Saint Peter on the Fondamenta Quintavalle in Castello; the façade of the Scuola Dalmata, called Scuola San Giorgio degli Schiavoni; the monument to Palma il Giovane in Ss. Giovanni e Paolo; and the organ shutters of Saints Mark, Theodore, Francis, and Jerome by Gentile Bellini, from the Chiesetta San Teodoro in Basilica San Marco. Current efforts are focused on the restoration of paintings by Vittore Carpaccio in the Gallerie dell’Accademia.

For more information, please contact the Save Venice office at 212-737-3141 or e-mail: