The church of San Sebastiano, Dorsoduro

Major Restoration Project:

The Campaign for San Sebastiano, 2007 to present

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Save Venice’s goal of returning the church of San Sebastiano to its former glory is well underway, but more help is needed to continue our work. Your support is urgently needed to continue our commitment to restore the works of one of Venice’s greatest artists.

You can support the campaign by sponsoring a specific work of art in need of restoration, or by making a general contribution towards the campaign, which would allow Save Venice to continue with the restoration of frescoes, restore the ornamental stonework throughout the church, reinforce the structure of the monks’ loft, conduct scientific analysis of Veronese’s work methods, and provide educational signage and materials.

Save Venice’s engagement with the church of San Sebastiano began in 2007 with extensive pre-restoration studies that included a photogrammetric survey, pigment analysis, and trial cleaning. Minor structural problems were corrected in the attic above the nave, ensuring the structural stability of Veronese’s decorative ceiling. The church’s wooden window frames were weatherized to further protect the building and Veronese’s frescoes from the elements. From 2009 to 2011, Save Venice funded the restoration of Veronese’s three large ceiling ceiling canvases narrating the story of the Old Testament heroine Esther, in addition to the vast wooden ceiling Veronese also painted to provide a worthy backdrop for his fine canvases. Save Venice’s current restoration campaign (2012-2014) centers around the restoration of frescoes on the walls of the church. When this collaborative effort by Save Venice, Venetian authorities, restorers, and donors is completed, visitors will once again experience the church as Paolo Veronese intended – an interior space unified by pictorial decoration that brilliantly brings the narrative paintings to life through extraordinary inventiveness.

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Projects in San Sebastiano:

Paintings in the Presbytery Paolo Veronese

Front and Side Façadenew project

Organ Loft – Paolo Veronese

Wall Frescoes Paolo Veronese

Four stucco sculptures Girolamo Campagna

Funeral Monument of Livio Podacataro – Jacopo Sansovino and workshop

Painted Wooden CeilingPaolo Veronese
Included in the ceiling are:
Vashti Banished
Coronation of Esther
Triumph of Mordechai
8 wooden panels with Putti
Roundels of Virtues
8 Winged Victory Figures

Saint Nicholas of Bari Titian

Save Venice wishes to thank all our sponsors to the Campaign for San Sebastiano 

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